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Grand Rapids Skyline and The Big Snowstorm of 2011

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Grand Rapids Skyline 2011

The Grand Rapids Skyline after all the snow.

I was snowbound all day yesterday due to the Great Blizzard of 2011. But being snowbound aint how I hang, so I loaded up into my car and as my husband sent me off with “Don’t get stuck,” I raced off to beat the sunset.

There was about 2 feet of snow which had drifted as high as our gutters in some areas, but it just didn’t look that impressive on camera. What to do? I decided it was time to update my Grand Rapids skyline photo, it has changed profoundly in the last year with the completion of the Helen DeVos Children’s hospital and the MSU College of Human Medicine Grand Rapids campus.

Do you see the snow? It’s there and it’s deep. By the way, I didn’t get stuck. Well actually I did get stuck. 4 or 5 times, but managed to work my way out without a tow truck (or calling for help to get out.) Happy winter!

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