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Grand Rapids Color Run, Fun and More Fun

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No sharp focus for this photo… By the time I took this at the Grand Rapids Color Run, there was already powder all over my camera lens.

When I heard about the Grand Rapids Color Run, I figured this would be a good event for my first 5k. The race is billed as the Happiest 5k. Sounds good to me. Especially since I knew there was No Way I would be able to run the entire distance. I really didn’t know what to expect, other than during the race, non-toxic colored powder would be thrown at the participants by volunteers. Sounded good to me.

The event sold out quickly and there were over 10,000 runners of all ages and fitness levels. Some people walked the entire time, others were serious runners. It was well organized and the powder washed out of my hair and clothes easily.

I’m hoping there will be a 2013 Grand Rapids Color Run, if there is, I’ll be recruiting a team to go with me. A team that is serious about having some fun, wearing cool team t-shirts, and not too serious about running the entire distance, although I’m planning on being able to do that by then. Here’s a link to the website by the Color Run folks so you can check out their other events and hopefully join in the festivities next year.

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  • Meagan says:

    AH! I’m doing a color run in September and this has me SUPER pumped…I mean I was already excited but now I’m wanting August to fly by.

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