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Glamour Puss in Franklin, MI

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Glamour Puss in Franklin MI
The first thing I noticed when I visited Glamour Puss was the unique clothing and accessories. The second  was the steady stream of women coming in to have their eyebrows shaped. The third was how in shape the owner, Amy, is. When I talked to Amy about all of this she told me that she is the “Makeup Queen” and known for her talents as a makeup artist and shaping eyebrows. I believe her. If you’re looking for a comfy, special and unique place where there’s finds that will set you apart, check this place out. Amy doesn’t have a website link, but here’s the phone number if you want to learn more (248) 882-7029 and here’s a google map link to the address at 32751 Franklin Rd, Franklin Village, MI 48025.

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