HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

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Actions speak louder than words and the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center (FHFAC) is a perfect example of this. From the staff, to the beautiful LEED certified facility, this place tends to the performing and visual arts like a master gardener tends to a precious orchid. The facility is high tech with an incredible intimate 1,220 seat auditorium that hosts nationally known acts and student performances.

However, the people who work at the FHFAC are what make it so special. In 2006 I was a featured artist there and couldn’t have had a better experience. They were professional, helpful and encouraging. Artists need this kind of nourishment to thrive. So, I thank you, I thank Meg George, Jeremy Cox, Sue Sherman, Lori Dykehouse, Karen Lott, Rose Kogge, John Bischoff, volunteers and the Forest Hills Public School System for all you do on behalf of the arts. And, I thank the sponsors who care enough to dig into their pocketbooks and support this place.

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