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Fish Ladder Park, A Grand Rapids Legacy

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I was standing above the fishladder when I took this.

I was standing above the fish ladder when I took this.

Today I was just itching to take a picture but couldn’t think of anything and then presto bammo, I thought of getting a shot at the fish ladder. This photo was taken at Fish Ladder Park in Grand Rapids. If I showed you the photos I took facing the other direction, you’d see several fisherman standing out in the freezing cold water fishing… what the heck??? In my book, you’d REALLY have to love fishing to be out in that cold water. Hope they were catching something. The fish ladder is in downtown Grand Rapids, along the Grand River, near the 6th Street Bridge.


  • Max says:

    Delicious light over the town… Snow, iron bridge and red building are conniving on this pretty picture. Thank you, Ann, for your sharp look on Michigan winter !

  • Peggy says:

    This is a good depiction of what can be seen here. It looks cold!

  • Tom says:

    Ann, I’d like to use some of your photos of GR on a website I’m building (not yet published). Of course your ownership of the photo would be noted and I can include a link to this site and your Anntopia site. Do you allow such use? thanks.

    • teliczan says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for thinking of me, that would work fine to me as long as I have photo credits for each photo used and you have a prominent link back to my website. Ann

  • Robert says:

    I miss Michigan/Grand Rapids so much.

  • anna says:

    ((Yes, I’m working my way back thru your posts!))

    I am hoping to take the kids to the fish ladder, this fall, to see the salmon jumping. My photos of course won’t compare to the beautiful ones you take, but it sounds like a wonderful experience.

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