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Fishing in downtown Rockford, MI

Fishing in downtown Rockford, MI

So, do you see anything slightly nuts about this picture? This guy must really love fishing because: A) That water was Cold! B) could he get any closer to the dam? and C) well, I don’t have a “C”. I took this in downtown Rockford, MI. Rockford is a delightful little town, it’s the home of Wolverine World Wide and has lots of nice little shops, along with a park of which this dam is a focal point.

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  • Krista says:

    This is an amazing photo!

    I always like to know how people find my blog, so I’ll share with you how I ended up here. I’ve been looking at various locations to do “photo shoots” of family and friends in Michigan and ran across your blog. Amazing photos and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

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