HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Drama Clouds at Leslie Tassel

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stunningly beautiful clouds at Leslie Tassel Park
If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know by now that I have a thingy about Michigan’s drama clouds and Leslie Tassel Park so imagine my joy when I happened on this scene at Leslie Tassel Park in Cascade today.

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  • chispasfarm says:

    Your photography is *beautiful* and makes me want to visit Michigan!

  • Dee Bellini says:

    Hey, Ann, was wondering if you got any shots of that front that came through yesterday. I was driving on the 131 as it rolled in, and have never seen anything like it. It looked like something from a science fiction movie.

  • teliczan says:

    No I didn’t. I was thinking about that today. That would have been pretty cool to get some along the lake shore. I was driving in it, scared the crap out of me.

  • Max says:

    Green and gray, water, haze and clouds, are they dangerous or scary ? I can also see blue and pink in your sky : is hope not so far away from here ? You really know how to mix the opposites on a pic. Thank you Ann !

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