HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Dragonfly Queen of Whitehall

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Dragonfly’s are abundant in Michigan this time of year. I was sure this one would fly away when I tried to take her picture, but she just waited patiently and let me take it. Tomorrow, I’ll show the google map link for the location, along with a photo of the lighthouse in Whitehall.

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  • Ann
    This photo made me smile. I am part of a quilting group who identify with the dragonfly. We made quilts that were given to a family who lost (father, husband, son, brother)on 9/11
    While the widow was walking downtown, by the rubble of the trade center. She said that a blanket of loss just fell on her, and then she looked down and a dragonfly… right in NYC came and rested on her arm. Would not leave. She felt that her spouse had just connected. And felt peace. So, thanks for the picture!

  • teliczan says:

    You’re welcome! I’ve had a lot of people tell me they love the dragonfly photo and will be adding another soon.

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