HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, go to Milham Park!

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Beautiful HDR photo of Milham Park in Kalamazoo MI

One fine spring day in Milham Park.

Kalamazoo is the home to lots of special places and Milham Park is way up there on the list. My friend Jill told me about historic Milham Park and I’m sure glad she did. It’s 49 acres of creeks, stone bridges and hedges, geese, paths and just a serene, beautiful place.

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  • inge says:

    have to check that one out…my family was in binders park yesterday..on a filed trip and it was not that nice…cold and wet
    loved the picture…you’re awsome ann

  • Peggy Flyte says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful, Ann.

  • Max says:

    I just arrive from the other side of the sea to taste your amazing spring. Is it a pic, or a painted dream, or the real miracle of Earth breath ? Whatever you want, my friends. But certainty comes around : Ann’s art is on the Michigan roads again…

    • teliczan says:

      Hey Max, when are you going to make it official and come visit us over here in Michigan? Thanks as always for the wonderful comments.

  • Dave Potts says:

    A very beautiful shot of Milham Park .. I’ve seen Blue Heron and Deer not far from where you stood to take that picture.
    Came across your blog searching for Barns and Kalamazoo.. you are an amazing photographer..

  • Ibraheem says:

    Very nice HDR of Milham Park! I remember when I was a kid they actually had enclosures with Bears & Monkies. I also remember a structure we all called the “haunted house” that has long since been torn down. Great shot!

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