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Crash's Landing

These cats are all adoptable from Big Sid’s Sanctuary, which is affiliated with Crash’s Landing.

I took this photo at Big Sids Sanctuary, which is a sister to Crash’s Landing. The two are cat rescue and sanctuaries for stray cats over 6 months old that need a home. I’ve heard glowing reviews about Crash’s Landing for years now from many who are personally familiar with the organization and I finally had to check the place out for myself last week.

Crash’s Landing was founded in 2002 by veterinarian Jen Petrovich who saw the need for these forgotten cats. Since then, over 2,610 cats have been rescued and 1,945 cats have been adopted out. There are currently 135 residents at Big Sids Sanctuary and 115 residents at Crash’s Landing.

During my visit, I was surprised at how peaceful and harmoniously the cats got along. There are built in cubbies, catwalks and soft cushy beds throughout the sanctuary. The custom cubbies and catwalks were generously built and donated by builder Rob Brink.

The cats at Big Sids Sanctuary have tested positive for feline leukemia and/or FIV. Something important to note is that although they have a disease, these animals are not necessarily sick. The cats pictured here are all from Big Sids Sanctuary and harder to place due to their condition however, many, if not most have a lot of playtime, love and life left in them.

If you would like to adopt a cat and/or donate to Crash’s Landing or Big Sids Sanctuary, please visit their website to learn more. Adoption is $85 and the cats are up to date with shots and have been spayed or neutered.

Home page for Crash’s Landing & Big Sid’s Sanctuary

How Crash’s Landing got Started

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