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Chimera Design

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I found out about Chimera Design after at least ten friends over the course of about six months told me there was this great, unique shop in Lowell that I just had to see.

When I finally went I discovered incredible custom jewelry, pottery and art that was very reasonably priced. Chimera is right across the street from the Flat River Grill (which is a great place to eat), there is a little sign out front that says “Lowell Fine Jewelers.” Julie Claire DeVoe and Cliff Yankovich have been selling my fine art there ever since I went in and met them. I want to be supportive of the galleries with my work and limit how many locations I put it in, so Chimera is the only gallery in metro Grand Rapids with my fine art for sale. The next closest place is the Timmel Collection in Saugatuck.

If you decide to visit Lowell, you’ll find awesome shops and will want to spend some time looking around. I love it that almost all of the shops are locally owned and operated, which results in finding unusual items and receiving outstanding customer service.

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  • Thanks very much for including us on your site Ann. We consider it a privilege to have your work in our little store. Hopefully we will have the front windows and overhang re-painted and the plywood taken off of the top floor of windows in the upcoming weeks. (Yee-hah – we are having the back of the building re-vamped first.)

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