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Enter Solitude

The entry to the beach next to Point Betsie Lighthouse leads to aqua waters and a sugar sand beach shared by a rocky shore. …

Point Betsie Lighthouse

Located near Frankfurt, Michigan, Point Betsy Lighthouse is a spot worth visiting. The beach is breathtakingly beautiful and the area surrounding it is just …

The Weathervane in Charlevoix

This photo is looking at The Weathervane restaurant in Charlevoix from across the canal by the drawbridge. The restaurant is run by Staffords and …

I… Miss… Summer!!!

Okay, it’s official. I’m tired of winter. I think I smelled spring in the air two days ago too. I took this photo last …

This is Why People Travel Great Distances to Visit Saugatuck, MI

If you try real hard, I’ll bet you can feel the sand between your toes, smell the fresh air blowing off the water and …

Pier End at Grand Haven

Grand Haven’s shoreline features a long, long pier that ends at Lake Michigan. This shot was taken at that spot. There’s usually a bunch …

The Mackinac Bridge

Aside from being the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere, the Mackinac bridge is just plain cool! It measures 26,444 feet and is …

Seagull Parade On Oval Beach

One of the things I get a kick out of is the seagulls on the beach. I’ve heard people call them “rats with wings,” …

Michigan, the Fishing Wonderland

I’ve been very negligent in writing posts on Michigan’s tremendous fishing opportunities. This big mouth bass was caught just after sunset off a dock …

In Northport, Who Cares if it Rains?

I just knew it was going to rain right around when I took this picture but just didn’t care because in upper Michigan it’s …

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