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Leelanau Peninsula

I Wanted to Drive Down This Road, But Alas, It Was Private Property

If you drive around the Leelanau Peninsula for any length of time, you’ll happen upon ¬†historic looking little places that make you feel like …

It’s Always Pretty in the Leelanau Peninsula

I was in Glen Arbor today and took some hdr photos of old barns. Even with the leaves off the trees, I love this …

A Reminder

For those of you who live in Michigan… I thought you might need a reminder right about now of why we live here. And …

Mmmmm… It Reminds Me Of Washington

For a short time I lived in Washington State when I was a little girl. Other than the rain every day, I remember seeing …

Wildflowers in Glen Arbor

Up until this summer, I had never checked out Wildflowers, but had driven by the shop on my way to Syncronicity in Glen Arbor. …

Leland, Another Point of View

For those of you who have never been to Leland, maybe you should plan it in your agenda. It’s very unique, and I mean …

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