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Making the most of your Michigan summer should include going to places that embrace Michigan’s farmland, and the wonderful growing season we have here. …

Did you know?

Did you know that you can grow lotus flowers in Michigan? I grew this lotus in my backyard lotus bog. In fact, this is …

Better Hurry Before They’re Gone!

The Butterflies Are Blooming exhibition will be winding down pretty soon, so if you want to see it, this would be the time to …

Ruth’s Garden

My friend Ruth sure knows how to garden! I was over at her house this summer and took this… any idea what it is?

Lotus to Make You Smile

Amidst all the doom and gloom on the news, it’s easy to forget about the simple things in life that give us joy and …

Indian Pipe or Ghost Plant

Indian pipes are rare plants that grow in the woods of Michigan. Although they look like a fungus, they are actually flowers that lack …

Wildflowers in Glen Arbor

Up until this summer, I had never checked out Wildflowers, but had driven by the shop on my way to Syncronicity in Glen Arbor. …

Lotus Flower in Ann’s Backyard

As a yoga lover, I’ve always been fascinated with lotus flowers. This year I finally built a lotus bog and here’s my the first …

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