HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Blue Winter Sky

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Winter Sky
It sure is pretty here when the sky is blue, the sun is shining and there’s a ton of snow on the ground.

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  • inge@claus says:

    we where just at our friends house in michibay, we told them about michigan sweet spot…and wath came up…..??? it looks familiar……..nice place…would you like to buy it???
    got stuck up here …

  • teliczan says:

    This above comment is from my friend who owns this home. It’s an awesome residence and is for sale. If you are curious about it, here’s a link to the real estate listing http://public.grar.com/public/pubrecn.mac/start?MLS=703933 I have to say though that the home is much, much nicer than shown on the real estate page. It has a unique and beautiful european design and an enormous amount of custom built in tile and woodwork. I LOVE this home but you have to get in it to fully appreciate it, whoever winds up here will love it.

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