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Better Hurry Before They’re Gone!

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He thinks he's cool.

He thinks he's cool.

The Butterflies Are Blooming exhibition will be winding down pretty soon, so if you want to see it, this would be the time to act. The event is over on April 30th. The butterflies are at their best on sunny days, they go crazy and are everywhere.

I appreciate having the Frederik Meijer Gardens here in West Michigan. We’re lucky to have so many philanthropists who care about making their hometown special. It’s not unusual to see Fred Meijer at the gardens he and his wife Lena so generously gave to this community. And the gardens continue to grow and give. Each year I’m amazed at the new exhibits and changes that make them even better.

Popular coming attractions are the Michigan All-State Bonsai Show May 16 – 17 and the Jonathan Borofsky exhibition, now underway through May 10.

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  • Chris says:

    We absolutely love Meijer Gardens too! Funny, I just went there today and posted some butterfly photos on my blog. The picture of that butterfly on your post looks like he was posing for you – and he indeed seems to think a lot of himself! Great shot!

  • Dieter says:

    Very nice photo. Would like to get tat on arm like this.

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