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Beautiful Farm

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For the last ten years, every time I’ve driven by this farm, I’ve said to myself, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll take a picture of that place, could it possibly be more perfect?” Problem is, it’s on Pettis, a rather busy road, and there is no shoulder to park on.

I finally decided to brave the elements and get the shot. I very quietly parked. Quietly, because my car was a little bit on someone’s lawn, and then ran across the street, took my pictures and ran back to my car. Unfortunately, my car locks on it’s own when I shut the door and I locked my keys in it. No problem, I just stuck my hand in the open window and unlocked the car, which of course set off the car alarm. And, I couldn’t turn it off. So, if anyone saw a woman driving down Pettis last night with her horn honking and lights flashing, “hi,” it was me.

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  • Funkmon says:

    This is a great blog. I’ve added it to my regular blogs now, and this farm is awesome looking. It looks like you got it at the right time of day, too.

  • teliczan says:

    Thanks! I was afraid the sun would go down too far before I was ready, but somehow I got it done.

  • dreemryter says:

    This is just too funny! I used to live near here and I recognized the farm right away. It’s hilarious that you tried to be so quiet, and then….

    You should get a shot of the renovated school house on Grand River and Three Mile. I had a flat tire on that corner once, and when I went to the house to use the phone they gave me a tour! It’s an awesome place.

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