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Awesome Historic Barn

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Michigan is full of beautiful, rustic looking old barns. This one is over 100 years old and near the Ada area, driving down Bailey towards Lowell.

Here’s a couple of links to more Michigan barn HDR pictures that I’ve taken: Barns 1 Barns 2 … the last photo in the Barns 2 link is a classic!

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  • Upsydaisie says:

    Your gallery is fantastic!!

  • Michelle says:

    Love this barn! what is the approximate location of it??

  • Peggy says:

    I lOVE to see old barns. It takes me back to a time that almost stands still in time. It makes me happy that there are still farms and barns around.

  • Kathy says:

    We made our move to northern Michigan 3 years ago, I have really noticed the historic beauty of these barns just along I-75 each time I travel downstate. Any of these barns captures my soul, some of these barns must date back to the 1800’s. Most still stand strong, others are in need of repair or caving in under the winds of time, yet still grab my attention. I was wondering if the barn out in a field somewhere out by Irish Hills with a MONA LISA painted on the barns side is still standing. Not sure of exact location, (Denton road maybe?) but those who might know of this barn in their area would know if it still exists. Back in the late 70’s we would drive around that area & when we drove along on this curved road, our vehicles headlights would hit the side of the barn & a GIANT portrait of an original Mona Lisa’s face appeared rising out of the ground, that was painted on the barn. So AWESOME, awe inspiring. This was a true work of art to see of gigantic proportions on an old barn & I haven’t seen it since, but searching for it on the internet. Any clues???

    • teliczan says:

      Thanks for the info about the Mona Lisa barn! I haven’t heard of it, but now I want to find it and get a photo. If anyone knows of this, please tell me the address and I’ll get the picture.

      • Ken says:

        Most likely the barn is no more. According to an article in a Sunday Detroit newspaper’s “Parade Magazine” from a number of years ago, the artist used latex paint. The idea was not permanence of the painting, but to let it weather. For more information and a look at another of the barns that was painted, see the following webpage: http://jameshowephotography.com/?s=mona+lisa+barn+michigan .



  • Dave Potts says:

    Don’t know of the Mona Lisa barn, but I do know of one that has 2 beautiful horses painted on the side.. Just outside of Kalamazoo on F ave by the Thornapple Creek golf course.

  • Jon says:

    This is a great site for barns! In Montana they are everywhere but the just don’t really have the classy build like Michigan or Wisconsin barns. One reason why I really want to move to Wisconsin someday.

  • Jacob Vandenburg says:

    Would you be willing to rent this barn out for a wedding?

  • Christine Shea says:

    Can any of the barn prints be changed to black and white?

  • Dee says:

    Happened to be looking for a picture of the Mona Lisa Barn on Haggerty Road between 12 and Maple Rd. It was there during the 70’s and before. It was on the west side of haggerty and Mona was on the north side of the barn. It is no longer there. It was torn down for all of the new construction in the area. Would really appreciate a pic. Thanks.

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