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Artisan’s Market

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Every Sunday from 11AM-3PM, through October, there’s an artisan’s market on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids. It’s where the Farmer’s market is during other days. I love the laid back atmosphere, community spirit and incredibly good prices. Here’s someone having henna art painted on his arm. In case you’re wondering, the kid in the background is fine, he’s just goofing around. I’ve got more photos of the artisan’s market that I’ll be showing later this week. Here’s a google link to help get you there.

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  • Dee Bellini says:

    Hi Ann.

    Saw you there on Sunday taking pictures. I’m the lady who sells the soaps and handmade body stuff, in addition to some stained glass work.

    Thank you so much for this website. I’ve blogged here a little before, as I saw it referenced in another article.

    Our state is one of the most beautiful in the country, IMO, and I’m glad people are getting a chance to see more of it through your colorful eyes.

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