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Another Sherwood Forest Night Shot at Rothbury Music Festival

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Rothbury's Music Festival Sherwood Forest at Night
As you may have heard by now, Sherwood Forest was just amazing at night. Here’s another of the paths that ran through the forest which was equally impressive. I took this a little earlier when it was dusky and the lights just went on.

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  • Awesome pics, Ann, we didn’t make it. So glad you took such great photos, it is almost like being there—only quieter.

  • ted dubois says:

    great pics. u seem to have captured the weekend well. I dont see this and the other sherwood forrest picture (blue diamonds)for sale.. I would really like to buy em..

  • danielle says:

    is this the first year sherwood forest was at rothbury? and will it be there in the years to come?

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