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Ann Teliczan at ArtPrize: Here’s My Entry

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ArtPrize 2010 Ann Teliczan

"Presence" 72" x 36" Multi Media Painting by Ann Teliczan at Butterworth Hospital Main Lobby. Voting Code: 38751

I’ve had a few days to pick some favorite artists for ArtPrize 2010. And also to give you some tips about ArtPrize parking and other ideas to help you when you visit ArtPrize.

FEATURED ARTIST ANN TELICZAN/VOTING CODE 38751: Today I am featuring my ArtPrize entry. My work is located in the main lobby at Spectrum Health’s Butterworth Campus (the entrance on Michigan Street where they have valet parking.) When you walk in the door, my work is on the right, by the big fireplace. If you get a chance to see my work, make sure you view it close up from several different angles. I painted mica on it, which changes appearance when you view the painting from different angles. I hope you enjoy this, I created it with the intention of making something that cause positive mood transformations. If you want to see some of my other work, you can visit my website at www.Anntopia.com

ART PRIZE PARKING TIP: Parking is going to be a challenge during peak ArtPrize hours. But I have a solution, if you park in the Butterworth Hospital parking ramp on Michigan street, it’s a very short walk to many of the ArtPrize venues. A bonus is that you will probably have free ArtPrize parking if you try this (that’s not a promise though). Many times, the parking garage is unattended at the exit and the parking is free. The easiest route is to park in the parking ramp, start your ArtPrize tour at Butterworth Hospital’s main lobby, and then continue down the hill behind the hospital to other venues.

PUBLIC MUSEUM VENUE TIP: Make sure you see the work on the 3rd floor of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, it’s spectacular.

GRAND VALLEY ARTISTS AT ALTEN PLACE: This is another venue that has a lot of great work that is not highly publicized, I think it’s definitely worth visiting.

SKYWALKS: Don’t let the dreary weather stop you from coming downtown and enjoying ArtPrize. A lot of Grand Rapids is connected with skywalks and you can get to many of the venues by taking the skywalks.

Post and Art by Ann Teliczan

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