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Michigan Sweet Spot was created by me, Ann Teliczan. I’m a fine artist and photographer and wanted to share my love for Michigan with the world. The images on this website are all HDR photography, which is slightly exaggerated for effect.

I wanted to make it easy to go see the places I’m blogging about so most of the images here also have a Google map link to the location the photo was taken so you can actually go see it for yourself.

This is a fluid website, so you may need to make your window wider to view the site without the navigation bar overlapping the images. Thank you to every one who makes comments on my website, I appreciate and read them all.

For information about my fine art, which is different from the HDR photography seen on this site, check out my fine art site www.Anntopia.com.

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  • Cliff Yankovich says:

    This is a great idea Ann. Michigan is a really great state and we have tons of natural beauty. For some reason or another Michigan seems to get overlooked a lot of the time – even by people who live and work here! Bravo to you for speaking up for all the “sweet spots” in our great state.

  • kathy says:

    I live in Michigan for 5 short summer years and 5 long winter year’s. It seemed like we would go to Missouri in April and they would be mowing lawn and come home to Michigan and we were still plowing snow. I would take the cold anytime over the humidity and heat offered in St Louis.

    We lived in Saginaw Mi and enjoyed the wonderful blueberries and corn that today we dream of.

    Going to Mackinaw Island was going back in time to a place that later in life would help me cope with rough times. It was like I jumped into the post card that said which you were here.

    I’m proud to say I once was a Michigander.

  • teliczan says:

    Thanks Cliff and Kathy. I love Michigan and am having a great time doing this.

  • Ben and Char Dykema says:

    We have enjoyed your work and website. Thank you for posting it. We were alerted by the artical in the Forest Hills newspaper. Keep up the good work. We do a lot of traveling but we always love to come home to beautiful Michigan. Thank you for showing us the beauty through your eye.

  • Dee Bellini says:

    Ann, thank you for the great site. I’m going to share it with friends.

    I’ve lived in Western Michigan for almost 15 years now, and grew up in the Detroit area. I love Michigan. It is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and is often overlooked by tourists.

    Thanks for the website.

    And as far as the arts go, you should come to downtown Grand Rapids some weekend and check out the summer arts markets going on. On the second Saturday of each summer month, there is the Avenue of the Arts Market that runs from 4:00pm to 9:00 pm. See http://www.aveartsmarket.com for more details, and every Sunday from 11:00am to 3:00pm the Fulton Street ARTisans market located at the farmer’s market downtown, Fulton and Fuller.

  • Terry Doyle says:

    Hey Ann, Just wanted to say how much I like your photography. Very beautiful! I really like your processing. Terry

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