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The Fisher Building Lobby, Downtown Detroit

The Fisher Building Lobby, Downtown Detroit

I was in Detroit today on business. It strikes me as wrong and sad, that a community this vast, with such strong and good people has so much negative attention focused on it.

There’s also a lot to love about Detroit, they gave us the Red Wings;  over the top, spectacular architecture, like you see here at the Fisher Building; warm, interesting, fiesty people who are welcoming and engaging; some of the worlds greatest musical roots; and wonderful ethnic neighborhoods.

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I know there’s lots more, so, what do you like about Detroit?

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  • Steve Ockerman says:

    Detroit takes its lumps in the national news for some undeniable reasons — the economy is a hot mess and local politics is a huge embarassment — but in the 25 years that I’ve lived here I’ve found a lot to like. #1 on my list are the people. They enjoy a good laugh, a good time and their sports teams good or bad. They’re real, unpretentious and likable. Exactly the kind of people you want for friends and neighbors.

  • Lisa Bearie says:

    I grew up near Detroit and still have family living downtown. I love Detroit and I feel safe when I’m there. Greek Town is always a fun place to visit, with great food good parking and all the people watching you could want.

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