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Winter Barn Near Warren Townsend Park

I was looking for the “perfect” winter scene today and saw this old barn. It’s near Warren Townsend Park in Belmont. I love the …

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a most excellent holiday season! I’m eagerly anticipating taking lots of pictures for my blog over the next week …

Reflected Sunset

I took this the other day in downtown Grand Rapids as the sun was starting to set. Everything took on this surreal orangy, pinky …

Teasing You With Summer!

Sorry but I just can’t help it! I was thinking of the warm sunny evening I took this, just as the sun was going …

Dogs of Winter

It’s cold but at least the sun is shining! This is the perfect time of the year to find a nice trail and go …

Grand Rapids Art Museum

I love the new Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). It’s big, modern and full of provoking, inspirational art. There’s much more about the museum …

Christmas in Grand Rapids

Christmas in Michigan, it’s a beautiful place to be. I took this in downtown Grand Rapids near the new art museum and bbbrrrrrrrrrr was …

Little Rooster

This cute little rooster was strutting around Lubbers farm like he was king of the hill. Attitude is everything.

Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council

I took this shot at the Lubbers farm on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids on Luce Street. They are members of a group …

Sweetie Pie

Okay, I don’t really know if that’s this calf’s name but it sure is sweet and cute. I’ve loved cows ever since I was …

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